Sin (n.) - A transgression of a religious or moral law, especially when deliberate; An act regarded as shameful, evil or utterly wrong.

Aria (n.) An elaborate song for solo voice; An air or song; a melody; a tune.

Spawned in late 2003, SinAriA has made an impact on the current NY metal scene. Coming about in a period where metal is thriving, SinAriA has taken the reigns from there influences (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Slayer, Machine Head) and put the Metal back into "Heavy Metal." The humble beginnings of SinAriA begin with female guitarist Erin and drummer Riz. Both coming out of local bands that wanted to play something more generic and friendly sounding, Erin and Tom got together with their thirst for something aggressive, heavy, and with a melodic twist that everyone could swallow.

While going through many different singers, bassists, noisemakers, etc. they found the perfect fit for the vocals with Mike Peranio. Mike was looking to branch out and express his personal demons via his roaring screams and deep lyrics, with a band that could tear your face off live. That winter the 3 members began building there own rehearsal studio, a move that would bring the bond between them so close that they trusted each other with power tools. Soon after completing the studio, the 3 had spent night after night in the studio, writing, relaxing, but most off all performing each night as if they were live at Madison Square Garden. Then came Paul Gruntz. His rolling bass chops came in a stunned the band with a Steve Harris-like style that was the finally ingredient in this Heavy Metal recipe.

Since the four have been together, they have been non-stop writing and performing all over the East Coast sharing the stage with acts such as BIOHAZARD, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, HALO OF LOCUSTS (feat RANDY BLYTHE of LAMB OF GOD), METAL CHURCH, KITTIE, DOPE, MANNTIS, MAKE SHIFT ROMEO, ON BROKEN WINGS, AMORPHIS, BEYOND THE EMBRACE, SINGLE BULLET THEORY, MOD, CANNAE, CRISIS, and spending dates on national tours with BYZANTINE and HELL WITHIN. They have completed their first EP "Transgression Of Sin" which contains 5 songs, a 3 song Garage EP and their newest 2006 Demo all available through the band's website. SinAriA continues to break new ground and gain new fans everywhere they go. Raping and pillaging through the east coast and gearing up for a full length album early 2007 SinAriA is set on world domination.

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