Name: Erin Von Ludewig

Hometown: Levittown, NY USA

Band: SinAriA





Gear: Krank Krankenstein 100W Tube Guitar Head, Krankenstein 4 X 12
cabinet. ESP Dave Mustaine Limited Edition DV8RSE

Weapon of Choice: Dimebag CFH Wah Pedal

Influences: Pantera, Old Metallica, Slayer, Machine
Head, are what I grew up teachingmyself. Sure I listened to a slew of diverse music,

New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Queensryche, SoundGarden, even some Billy Joel and Madonna.

But none really made me want to grab a 6 string and learn to play along like the first 4.

Short Bio: Started seriously playing the guitar when I was 16 in high
school with a couple of good friends. Completely self taught. Did the small
house parties scene playing what was popular at the time and such, but
I knew that I needed something different and my own.

I met Rizzo, we clicked immediately and started creating some pretty kick ass tunes.

So here I am a couple years later playing music with the coolest bunch of people.


When Iím not playing the guitar: I love throwin BBQ's and cooking,
Fishing, The Twilight Zone from the 1960's, Tim Burton movies,
I love old school cartoons.

My main goal in life is to become famous enough so that I can spit on someone in the crowd and have them like it. Iím a simple person. 

Words of advice: If You Can't Solve World Hunger, Your Music Isn't Heavy Enough