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SinAriA has posted up dates!! We are back playing out live!! Check out the shows section to see if we'll be in your area!!


SinAriA has new artwork and merchandise on the way for 2008!

We are liquidating everything that we have! Visit the merch section for $5 T-shirts, $1 Wristbands, $2 EPs and .50cent Stickers!!!


SinAriA had found a new singer!


We would like to start off and thank all of you who came out, learned our songs, jammed with us and for all of our fans who gave us nothing but supportive emails and comments.


After going over the rehearsal tapes and having a couple vocalists back in there was only one who stood out and brought that intensity back into SinAriA and gave us all the drive to kick some serious ass again.


We'd all like to welcome our new singer and SinAriA family member, Nicky Carr formerly of Long Island's Shatterpoint.

He will be immediately commanding center stage for SinAriA. 




Nick brings complex vocal schemes that range from soothing one second to destructive the next. Exemplifying the exact meaning of what SinAriA is all about. His amazing vocal range is only matched by his dedication and heart that he brings into every performance.


He will be stepping in this winter contributing vocals to the unfinished full length release that was halted with the departure of Mike.


"With Nick on vox we have a ridiculous amount of vocal range to work with. It's like if Mike Patton and Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying had spawned a child.. wait.. I'm not sure if that would be possible .. unless you do something like in that movie Junior with Arnold Schwarzenegger... well anyway you get where I am going with this.
His ability surely is something that will bring our song writing and music to the next level.

Don't take it the wrong way though, I don't see our music getting softer or anything, we will always be fast, heavy and in your face. Nick is going to add his own influence to what you hear and allow us more room to work with when is comes to harmony and melody. I'm really looking forward to getting back to recording, writing, and playing out live." - Erin Ludewig Guitarist

SinAriA will be mostly in the studio perfecting their full length for an early 2008 release. They will be trying to play out locally a few times in Dec and Jan. So keep posted on this webpage for select dates and for the new tunes!